Anxiety | Don't let it hold you back

This quote really resonates with me because I've let anxiety and fear of failure stop me from doing some amazing things. It's only now that I'm growing up that I have truly found confidence and put fear to the back of my mind. Life is short, we all plan to live to old age but the truth is that's not a guarantee I've taken a vow to live each day like it’s my last.

This doesn't mean I'm going wild *promise* it just means I've stopped caring about what other people think and I'm putting my happiness first. I start university in September *touch wood* I'm so scared but buzzing and the same time; I'm determined to have the time of my life and live it up.

So I guess I want to say if you're living with anxiety, especially social anxiety say NO to the fear say NO to the exclusion and say YES to living.
Lots of love,

Oresiriteru xx


  1. this is such an inspiring post, you deserve more followers!

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    katy x


  2. True that, I'm always so scared but now i'm like what the worse that could happen really?

  3. Lovely post ! I think most people under-estimate how problematic anxiety in all its varieties and what an impact it can have over our life. We basically all suffer from anxiety at some point or another, and God knows how terrifying it is ! We just miss so many opportunities !There's nothing worse than being a spectator of your own life instead of living it is it ? You're right to stand against it because life's too short indeed. Let's be all brave and happy, but above all, let's be free ! (Haha my apologizes, I got a bit enthusiastic about this post !)

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and allowing me to notice your blog, it is very pleasant to read and inspiring ! You've got a new follower !

    Take care lovely ! xx



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