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For me eyebrows HAVE to look natural and I try to go for a not really filled in look. My aim is to 
accentuate my natural eyebrows and not to "draw on" eyebrows. Some people are lucky enough to look drop dead with heavy brows but I am not on of these people. *sigh* . I just go with the flow and do whatever feels right, when I first tried to do them the outcome was NOT cute but practice does make for perfect brows.

The first product I use in my brows is the new BarryM brow pen which is fast becoming a part of my regular brow routine. I outline my brows ,following their natural shape. We aren't trying to make them bigger or smaller. Next I use my spoolie to blend out the product and distribute it evenly through the hairs. To actually fill in the brow use a matte eyeshadow that either matches or is slightly darker than your natural brow hair colour. All that's left is to clean up the brow with concealer and you are done. Finito, its easy isn't it.

Oresiriteru xx

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