Winter Series | My Winter Essentials

Winter is all about getting warm and snuggly so these are the things I think everyone needs for a warm and lovely winter
Hat:  The bobble is not compulsory. This might just be me but in winter my ears get so cold that they hurt. I am not even being dramatic here so I cannot be without a warm hat between October and March. I chose hats that will cover my ears and that would go with most of my clothes. I usually pick either a navy or a black one.

Jumper: Again to keep warm I wear big knitted jumpers. The bigger and thicker the better. This one has been my favourite so far because It's so warm. 
Slippers: I love slipper boots, they're the warmest and most comfortable thing ever. I have these ones which are from Matalan. I got my Dad to get them for me and they're so cute. I can't wait to get back to uni in these bad boys
Socks:  Warm socks go hand in hand with the slippers. One without the other doesn't work  

Oresiriteru xx
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