How To Revise Effectively

My Top Tips:
  1. Keep your study area clear. A clean desk is a clean mind.
  2. Don't panic , any time you have can help. Start as soon as you can but don't ever waste time thinking you don't have enough time. Even if you start the night before, you'll be better off than if you do nothing and panic (I don't recommend this though) 
  3. Organise all of your notes/ revision materials so it's easy to get to what you need
  4. Don't procrastinate. I struggle with this so I use the app StayFocussed on chrome which locks me out of the top offenders after I've spent 2 hours on any of them between certain times( you can see the sites I've blocked above) 
  5. Block out background noise. I'm in my first year which means I live in student halls and it can be very noisy here. People take so many liberties so I use ear plugs to stay focussed
  6. Stay hydrated - the brain functions best when you're body is well hydrated.
  7. Check your exam timetable - let's not make any silly mistakes here
Oresiriteru xx
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