Travels | My America Trip - A Full Roundup


I was in America for 3 months in total and I can honestly say I'm a different person. I'd never been on a plane before this trip and I managed 6 flights completely on my own. I left as a naive doe eyed 18 year old and returned a savy 19 year old ,(tenuous).I managed to travel up the west coast and create my own memories. I'm glad I went , even though it was very expensive, it was worth every penny as I've come home with a new spirit , some new and amazing friend that I will know for life and a real drive for my future. I am ready for what life has to come.

I would highly recommend visiting America, it's a whole other culture. I've learnt so many new thing, hospitals advertise on the radio (VERY weird) , Americans have a wicked sense of humour and are extremely perky at all times which is perfect because I'm the same. I could go on all day , instead I will leave you all with this. If ever given  the opportunity to travel, say YES ! you wont regret it

Oresiri xx
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