Urban Decay Naked Palette | New In


I finally took the lunge and bought myself a naked palette. It's crazy that it's take n me this long but they really are very pricey and I was making do with my sleek au natural palette. I'll be honest, I didn't belive the hype behind these palettes. I thought eyeshadows were all the same but there is something about these that makes them glide on so easily and they stay on for ages , even without primer !

I also got some free samples of the famous Urban Decay primer potion , yet again I didn't believe in primers untill this. My eyeshadow literally stays in place for hours with this stuff. half baked is my favourite. I have also loved wearing neutrals with my new l'oreal lipstick in the colour spice which `i picked up whilst in the States. I could could go on for days about it , but I wont 
Oresiri xx
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