My Makeup Storage | Amazon and Primark

I seem to be creating a mini series of storage and home posts. I'll get back to the fashion soon (promise). So I have 3 main sets of drawers. The first is the white flowers set which is from Primark. It only cost me £5 which I think is very good. In them I keep all of my nail polishes and my night time foundations.

Next up is my smallest set of drawers. They look a little bit like the muji drawers but they are much much smaller and from Amazon. In here I keep my face products a
concealers and lip products . I find they all fit nicely because they're quite small. 

Last up are my massive drawers which are from ebay. In there I store all of my eyeshadow palettes. My naked palette gets it's own drawer. I keep some jewellery in there too and all of my sleek blush by three palettes which are my favourite thing.

Oresiriteru xx
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