Exploring Manchester : The Northern Quarter

I've bean a student in Manchester for nearly two years now and I want to get to know this city properly before I graduate. I'm at that point where I'm thinking about where I want to build my life and where I want to settle. I know I want to live in London eventually but I would quite like to live in a few cities in England or even in a different country before I move there.

I went to explore the Northern Quarter  a few weeks ago. What a place ! It's Manchester's own little Camden. So edgy and full of quirky little cafes and amazing restaurants. I definitely recommend just walking around. I thoughts this sketch was pretty cool, in Aflek's Palace which is a place I would highly recommend. We spent most of the evening walking around it and marvelling at all the quirky things and great fashion for sale.

There's an American sweet shop in there as well and it's not ridiculously overpriced. They had the American flavours of skittles and loads of varieties of hershey's bars .I've been noticing a few American sweet shops popping up around the city. I didn't get anything though because I'm trying to curb my skittles addiction.

Manchester is such an interesting place. I really took it for granted last year but now I am committed to exploring and soaking up all of the culture on offer. I am tired of going to the same places to eat and shopping in the same places. Exploring the Northern Quarter really opened my eyes and I want to see more.

Oresiri xx

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