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It's been one crazy week, so much has happened. I realised I actually love shopping alone. Strolling through the Arndale listening to my ipod, bliss. The trees looked beautiful and a managed to get a  photo when I was shopping.

You should all be proud of me, I managed to stop myself from buying anything in the sales. TOPSHOP's sale was particularly hard to peel myself away from, but I did it !! River Island has some beautiful shoes in at the moment but I like to have a look and then think about it before I buy. 
I got myself a job !! I'm so excited to start. The woman that interviewed me for it was really sweet so if she is anything like the people I will work with then I will be just fine. The picture on the right is what I wore to the interview. I wore an ASOS velvet skirt and a boohoo turtleneck.

This is just a mirror selfie because I was feeling my look. Life seems to be falling together. Above I'm Wearing :
Top - Ebay
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Primark

Oresiriteru xx

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