The Best Pizza place in Manchester | 23rd Street Pizza

A few days ago I went for pizza with my best friend Nash. We decided to try a pizza place in Fallowfield in Manchester where we had some fabulous chatter and delicious food. Some of our friends took part in a pizza eating contest there last week ( think man vs. food) and we thought the pizza looked delicious. 
We didn't have to book a table which was great. The atmosphere is really chilled and they had some great music playing from the jukebox the whole time. We went quite early so there wasn't anyone else there and I managed to get some nice pictures of the seating. I wasn't expecting to have such a great experience in there but I did. The staff were friendly and they had a really good deal on. We got 1/2 of a 12" pizza and a side for £11 !!! And there was such a wide selection of toppings.
I was impressed with the presentation of the food and the design of the place. It wasn't gimmicky and it felt really unique. Me and Nash had a great time and we were stuffed afterwards. As a student it's hard to find good food that's cheap at the same time so I will definitely be going back there in the future. The food was tasty , the price was good and the atmosphere was great . It gets a big thumbs up from me.

Oresiri xx
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