6 Product Makeup Look

I love wearing makeup, but sometimes I want a more basic look. I just want to colour correct and emphasise rather than to make a statement. It can be quite tricky to find the right balance and work out which combinations work for your skin. I have had my fair share of makeup disasters in my time but I think I've finally nailed it.

Getting that wearing makeup but not look down is hard. I'm a fan of less is more when it comes to my face so I keep things simple. When I want to try out new products I try and use them completely on their own. Normally when I put on blush I would use a couple of different colours but here I only used one. Sticking to two simple rules is the way to achieve a barely there face :

Less is more
The fewer products the better 

By this I mean use as few products as possible and try to use the minimum amount that is humanly possible for your look.

I have only used 6 products on my face and it saved me a lot of time and effort. Being this blunt with makeup takes some getting used to but for those days when you just want to run out the door , it's worth it. I'm really not a fan of the lose blusher which I got in the January Glossybox. It took too much to even get a hint of colour. It was a nice idea but the product it self needs work. I think it could wrk on pale complexions where the could would show up easier but even then I did not like the way it applied or how long it lasted.This product definitely gets a thumbs down from me 

Oresiri xx
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