Wandering Around My City

I had a day full of errands. I had to go into town to get just 1 thing, painful. Manchester is so cute, I am loving just wandering around on my own and really taking in how lucky I am to live here. I've finally escaped the tragic village I grew up in.

How basic, enjoying my mocha. I usually avoid Starbucks but my eyes weren't staying open so I caved as I couldn't wait to get home and make my own.

How pretty in Manchester though. I am falling in love.

My sugar addiction has moved passed skittles to the more sophisticated Percy Pig. I'm officially and adult

 I really feel like I'm growing up recently and I'm liking the person I've become. I know exactly where I'm going and my goals are clearly defined. I need to relax though , I'm not even 20 yet. I hope you're all well and I think I will continue to do random posts of the thing I get up to. I really enjoyed putting this one together.

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