Bar Estillo - The Best Tapas You'll Ever Try

It was two of my best friends' birthdays a while ago, as we're all students at different universities :'( we had to celebrate early as we all had exams hot on our heals. We decided to go and eat at the Mailbox in Birmingham (love it). It's full of restaurants and shops, there's just a really nice atmosphere around. We all decided on Tapas and of course I got one of my friends to take some pictures of me. I also took some pictures of the restaurant because the food was so good.

I really liked the atmosphere inside, everyone was having a good time, it wasn't one of those snooty places where you can't even laugh (yawn). The food was not expensive at all. We each spent less that £20 and we got loads of food. I was stuffed full, we got a paella to share , some nachos , 2 tapas each and a jug of sangria. It was so so good !!

Im wearing H&M and New Look here. Let me know some of your favourite places to eat out. I love finding new places to eat.
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