Aztec Cheetah ft. ASOS & Forever 21

||| Shirt (Forever 21) | Skirt (ASOS) | Shoes (Converse) | Bag (H&M) SIMILAR |||

I have had the craziest weekend. My friend Lauren came to visit me so we could celebrate our friend’s birthday. We went to a few bars on Northern Quarter and had such a good night. The next day however Lauren somehow managed to take my house keys home with her to London!! What a mare, it's all sorted now though. What are the chances?
Its a laid back outfit today, the sun has finally made an appearance so I went for bare legs which was a mistake because it's not warm enough yet. You've got to reward my enthusiasm here, maybe it was a bit of wishful thinking but I am in love with my A-Line skirt from ASOS - it's cheetah print and velvet. I loved how it's print clashed with my Aztec crop shirt from Forever 21

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