How to Find Inspiration

Blogging is my hobby , I like the idea of documenting my life as I grow up as I know it will be lovely to look back on when I'm older . I see it as a virtual diary. Consistency is the most important thing in the blogosphere. As blogging is my hobby I have given myself a schedule of 1 post a week every, monday, to make sure www.cocotulips.com is always updated. I don't always feel inspired to write in my scheduled blogging time though so I have developed a few ways to help the process over my (nearly) 2 years of blogging.

Inspire Yourself : What I do is set asides some time every week to go take outfit photos and to plan out outfits for future blog posts. Whenever I buy new clothes or new products that I like, I will plan ways to incorporate them on here. Also , get a notebook !! You never know when you'll think of a great idea so why waste them. I go through my notebook every week and use the ideas I have jotted down to plan out future posts. I think of most of my blog ideas this way.

Get Inspired From Your Surroundings : Walking around new places inspires me. Just strolling along ,scouting new locations to take outfit photos. Finding new places to eat or grab coffee. It all adds up and can translate to your blog or instagram. Another place I draw inspiration from is other bloggers. Scrolling through bloglovin and engaging with other bloggers' content is a great place to draw inspiration.

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