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I got lunch here a few weeks ago and competely forgot to write about it. Ooopsie! I couldn't just let it slide bcause it was such a nice place and food was delicious. If you're ever in or around Leamington then I'd recommend going here. They serve breakfast and lunch plus their cake is insane !!
||| THE FOOD |||
So so good. I got the flatbread pizza which came with a salad. The girls got just salads but they have really interesting ingredients. It was more that just a salad. Have a look at their site HERE. Also they had homemade cake so naturally I was all over that. The slices were 10/10 and humungous.
Really nice, we just chatted away over our good food. The staff were friendly and the lady who bakes all of the cakes was really nice. It's not often that you get service in cafes that's that good so I had to give them a mention.
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