Dealing with Uni Stress

Final year of uni is a LOOOOT of work. I have far less free time these days and the stakes are high so I've been getting a little stressed out. Instead of working myself up into a frenzy, I've come up with some coping methods which I wanted to share here.

Get organised. I bought these month calendars from poundland and I use them to write all my deadlines so I always know what I'm up against and what's coming up for me. They're up in my bedroom so I can always check them. I also have a great diary from paperchase  which has a week to view and month to view so I can keep all my deadlines with me on the go.

Excercise. It's so good for you and the endorphins make you feel amazing. I find going to the gym a nice break from studying and I don't feel guilty for "time wasting" because exercise is improving my health and lengthening my life.

Treat yo self. This one's really important, have some sweeties, drink some tea. CHILLLLLL.


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