2015 in Review

2015 in Review

2015 has been an insane year for me, I've grown up so much and I feel like things are finally going my way. Blogging has been going well this year, I still don't post as much as I should, but I want it to go even better next year.

Internship: The hunt was serious. I was spending hours practising online tests and working on applications and despite the numerous rejections, I kept going. It turns out the perfect one was waiting for me to find it. I wrote a post on all thing internship here

Moved House: I'm still a student so I move every year. I'm really happy in the house this year, there aren't any mice this time around. I'm living with my course friends so we can discuss our work together and there's always someone going into uni at the same time as me. Also, my room is fully cute. I wrote a post about it 

Parklife: I went to Parklife for the first time which was so so good. I got to see Jessie Ware, FKA Twiqz and Dj EZ. The best part was that I got to go with my friends :).

Sister: My sisterkins came to visit me which was a highlight, I also went up to visit her. She's my best friend so I love hanging out with her and not just face time sessions. 

Fitness: I decided it was time to get fit for real this year so I started hitting the gym. My Michelle Obama arms are looking good these days. I hope to continue getting fit in 2016 

Braids: I had braids for a while this year and they looked wonderful. Unfortunately, they were pulling out my hair so I had to take them out. I looked so good in them though :'(

Self Love: I'm a big fan of self-love and confidence, it's been a big thing for me this year, just being completely content with myself and my mind.

What a wonderful year 2015 has been. I probably missed out a lot of things but from what I remember, it was pretty spectacular. Stay blessed and here's to 2016 being even better. 

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