A Place Called Common

So I went for bruch yesterday with my housemates and it was soooo good. Brunch isn't something I do often but this place was pretty good. We ate at a place called Common which is in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. I got a huge juicy burger which was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was delightful

||| The Atmosphere |||
 There was a nice mix of music playing, it was just a nice and chilled out place. It wasn't too busy when we went but we did get there early so that might be why.

||| The Food |||
 I got the Maple Bacon Burger and it was the stuff of dreams. Honestly it hit the spot and it came with fries with the skin on. Have a look at their menu here. If you ever find yourself in the Northern Quarter and you want some brunch then I'd recommend. They do other brunchy food like Eggs Benedict and they have lots of baked deliciousness. One of my housemates got a doughnut that I was very jealous of.

Just look at that sandwich. mmmm


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