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It's 2016 and I have uni exams so I have less time to write posts. I didn't want to post nothing until February so I thought I'd right a little life update posts with what's been going on with me since I last checked in.

First up, I got featured on a top 50 Beauty bloggers list. You can have a look here. It's nice to know that what I write here is being seen by people. 

Next, I set myself a goal of getting fit and I've actually been sticking to it !! I went to the gym four times last week and did my C25K workouts on the treadmill. I'm aiming to run 5K by summertime which I think is doable considering it's a 9 week programme and I'm already on week 2. Have any of you tried the Couch to 5 K programme and did it work for you ?

I've seen so many friends recently which has been lovely, I'm making it a priority to spend as much time as possible with the people I love.

What's new with you guys ?

Oresiri xx

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