From Couch to 5 K - Week 3 in Review


Location: Manchester, UK
We made it to week 3 !! I'm starting to feel and see changes in my body. My bum is feeling much firmer and more peachy. Running is starting to feel like part of my routine now !! Apparently, this is the point when lots of people give up on it. Not me !! Not us !! This week has definitely upped the ante, a little longer to run for but I think I prefer running for a little longer. I'm entering beast mode now, this 5 K will happen for me. 

I've been using the C25K app which gradually introduces running for beginners. Guys, I am feeling amazing about myself and my body !! It might sound silly, but I always thought I'd never been able to run. I still remember p.e lessons in primary school when we had to do the dreaded cross country run. I just feel like my body and I can do anything. I sound full cringe but that's how I'm feeling. So proud of myself for sticking it out!

I walk at 6km/h and jog at 9km/h and I do this on a treadmill at the gym

Week 3 consists of:
5-minute brisk warm-up walk
90 seconds of jogging 
Walk for 90 seconds
3 minutes of jogging
Walk for 3 minutes

Then we do it again :
90 seconds of jogging
Walk for 90 seconds
3 minutes of jogging
Walk for 3 minutes 
5 Minute Cooldown walk 

How I found it:
It was a little nervous for the three minutes running but I could do it! It was definitely harder running the 2nd 3-minute stint but I did it !! Tip this week is to find yourself a good playlist full of super upbeat and motivating songs to keep you going. In the 3 minute runs, I would think, I'm going to be able to rest at the end of this song and that really helped me.

Again the sweat was pouring. I didn't find any of the three runs this week too bad, I feel like I'm making some good steady progress here. I've been drinking more water throughout the day before getting to the gym and it's really helped my runs !!

Hope you're all well :)

Teru xx
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