From Couch to 5 K - Week 4 in Review

From Couch to 5 K - Week 4 in Review

Week 4 !! Almost halfway now, posting on here has motivated me so much to keep it going. I hope someone reads these posts and keeps on jogging. I can't believe it's been a month already. In another month, providing I don't get injured, I'll nearly be at 5K !! I realise that because I'm running at 9km/h, I'll be able to run 5K in about  35 minutes by the end. I've been reading blogs and in the later weeks, it's not uncommon to repeat weeks. I think I'm going to try and get the idea of getting to 5K in the 9 weeks out of my head. I'm happy with my progress so far so I don't mind if it takes me a little longer.

I've been using the C25K app which gradually introduces running for beginners. 

I'm walking at 6km/h and jogging at 9km/h
Week 4 consists of:
5-minute brisk warm-up walk 
3 minutes of jogging
90 seconds of walking
5 minutes jogging
2.5 minutes walking
3 minutes jogging
90 seconds of walking
5 minutes jogging
5 Minute Cooldown walk

How I found it:
It wasn't that bad, I was sweating buckets again but it definitely felt a little better than week 1. I think that because the walking in between the runs is a little longer than week 1, it was a bit more relaxed I guess. Day 2 was the most difficult this week but run 3 was a breeze. It's crazy how much fitter I'm feeling after each and every run.  I would like to reiterate how important it is to stretch before and after. I forgot to stretch before run 2 which is probably why I found it so difficult. When I finished my last run the app told me that most people who get to this point will complete the programme so all in all, I got this!

Are any of you working towards a fitness goal?

Teru xx
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