Couch to 5 K - Week 5 in review

We've passed the halfway mark !! I'm that much closer to a 5k, the thoughts of giving up are gone. You know how everyone says you get addicted to running and getting better at running, I'm there ! I keep finding myself researching how to get better and reading peoples experiences of the programme which is keeping me going through the weeks. 

I've been using the C25K app which gradually introduces running for beginners. 

I'm walking at 6km/h and jogging at 9km/h
Week 5 consists of 3 different runs:
Run 1
5 minute brisk warm up walk 
5 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
5 minutes jogging
3 minutes walking
5 minutes jogging
5 minutes cool down

Run 2
5 minute brisk warm up walk 
8 minutes of jogging
5 minutes of walking
8 minutes jogging
5 minutes cool down

Run 3
5 minute brisk warm up walk 
20 minutes of jogging with no walking rests
5 minutes cool down

How I found it:
It was a bit different because I was doing something different each run, I found all of the runs difficult but run 3 was really tough. I actually didn't manage it the first time, it was definitely a mental challenge instead of a physical one. I just thought that I wouldn't be able to do it the first time so i took a break half way through. I had to do this run 5 times before I got it. What I did to stop myself stopping is drop my speed by 0.5km/h when I was feeling tired. I ran it a little slower that usual but I didn't stop. Tip this week is to take your time., it's okay to re-do a run before moving on. 

Are any of you working towards a fitness goal ? 


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