From Couch to 5 K - Week 6 in Review

We're on the home straight. This is the last week with the walking rests so we'll be running the whole time after this. Fingers crossed.

I've been using the C25K app which gradually introduces running for beginners. 

I'm walking at 6km/h and jogging at 9km/h
Week 6 consists of 3 different runs:
Run 1
5-minute brisk warm-up walk 
5 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
8 minutes jogging
3 minutes of walking
5 minutes jogging
5 minutes cool down

Run 2
5-minute brisk warm-up walk 
10 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
10 minutes jogging
5 minutes cool down

Run 3
5-minute brisk warm-up walk 
22 minutes of jogging with no walking rest
5 minutes cool down

How I found it:
It was fine, didn't struggle at all really. I think this is the point where you're actually fit enough the do the long runs. I'm definitely going to finish the programme. The biggest thing for me is getting bored on the long runs, I'll be at 15 minutes and be thinking I've still got ages so what I do now is put on a podcast I enjoy and just concentrate on that. It's really helping me not watch the clock

All in all, it's going well. I'm excited to run the actual 5K now !!

Teru xx
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