From Couch to 5 K

From Couch to 5 K

I did it !!! I ran 5K !!! The programme worked !! I think I'll start from the beginning, so I was using the C25K app by zen labs. It builds you up to be able to run long distances, so it alternates between walking and running.

It's crazy how fit I am now, I think back to cross country p.e lessons at school and how much I hated running back then. I just thought I'd never been able to do it. So, when I started the programme, I was going to the gym 3 times a week so I had a little fitness to start with. I remember finding the first week really hard, running for 60 seconds at a time had me puffed out but I kept going. I really decided to make a change.
I was running three times a week for about 3 months, it took me a little longer than 2 months because sometimes I wasn't ready to move up and sometimes life got in the way. I think the joy of running comes straight after you complete a tough one, at the time it feels really hard but as the weeks go on, you start to recover faster.
The programme is hard and it stays hard throughout, you're constantly pushing yourself. I mean how else would you be able to get from couch to 5 K without pushing. The only thing to say is that it can be done! I'm living proof of this, just don't give up and take it at your own pace and don't forget to stretch !1
Overall I think it was a really good way to get into running, I feel strong and healthy and it was so manageable. Honestly if you're wanting to get into jogging then get on it, download the app and hit the road 

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