Three years of university are now finished, it hasn't all sunk in yet that this is the end. In my mind I should still be listening to lectures and writing up notes. All in all I have had an amazing time at university, there have been ups and my god there have been downs. Even though it's been tough, I wouldn't change any of it. I've learnt some lessons in my time at uni about friendship and relationships and I've come out with a whole new perspective of the world.

Academically, I could talk your ear off on anything to do with finance, econ or politics now that I'm a finance graduate. I can write banging essays and research, so all in all I'm leaving with some serious skills. The best part is that I didn't fall when I went up on stage.

To anyone graduating, I hope you have the best day and soak up all you've achieved.
Oresiri xx

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