July Favourites

July Favourites

July has been a very eventful month for me, with graduation and turning 21 - I've found I've been really enjoying a few things and I will pass on my wisdom to all for free :)

1. BrushesFirst up is this wonderful brush set which I found on Amazon for £6!!! I think they're meant to be similar to the ARTIS brushes made famous by Kylie Jenner. Just to manage expectations, they're good, but not THAT good. I really enjoy using them, especially the second biggest one for blending out my under eye concealer. They're really inexpensive so I don't really mind the quality too much, synthetic fibres will do just fine for me.

2. Perfume ZARA have been giving me life with their fragrances recently, the 9pm one is actually empty now so I've been giving my other ones some love. My favourite right now is Oriental, it has a really fresh smell too it and a little sweetness but not too much. Now that I'm a sophisticated 21 year old I've had to up my fragrance game and the best part is, they're really inexpensive - you can get 100 ml for £8. Perfect for me as I transition from student life to grad life pre pay check :(

3. Foundation. I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. Well done LOréal, it actually comes in a shade dark enough for me and the formulation works really well for my skin AND it makes me look like a glowy radiant queen. I'm very impressed with this and I've been reaching for it over my more pricey foundation. Honestly I'm so glad that I now have a more affordable option for my foundations as before I could only use NARS or MAC or Lancomé.

4. Highlighter and Bronzer. Thank me later; these are hands down the best highlighters I have used. These have beaten out MAC's cheeky bronze and my beloved elf baked blusher to become my favourite cheekbone combo. Now that it's summer time, I'm loving looking super dewy and highlighted - it all feeds into my glowy queen aesthetic. These are only £4 each and pack a serious punch. Speaking of highlighting, I have written about other great highlighters here, here and here.

5. Primer and Setting Spray. I went to Parklife again this year and these two products saved me, I've been using them every time I apply makeup since because they're that good. I won't lie, I really never bought into the primer hype, I just assumed they didn't really do anything. I was wrong. These two go together like pees and carrots, the setting spray locks in my makeup for hours, especially eyeshadow - and its festival proof. I'll definitely be packing these two for all festivals I attend ever in the future.

So that's that, July is done and I'm feeling good. Hope you're all well.

(Pinch punch first of the month)
Oresiri xx

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