Am I okay?

Yes I did conduct a photo shoot in M&S and no I do not feel any regrets or shame. So... I'm 21; living in a new city and constantly wondering if I'm doing this whole life thing right. Am I sociailising enough? Am I working too hard? Am I not working hard enough? Should I be at this point by now? Should I have passed this milestone by now? So many questions, so few answers.

The truth is, there's no clear set path in this life. We're all just muddling along and hoping we're taking the right steps. What works for me might not work for someone else. What I will say is that I'm trying not to think too much along the above lines. I'm just trying to live in the moment and really be present in my life. Trying not to let other people's bad attitude affect me. There is nothing worse you can do than to take on someone else's bad habits, to allow someone to bring you down and steel your joy. You get one life so live it the way you want and don't sit silently when something bothers you. Speak your mind. My goal in life is to look back on these years and think I was bold and I did what I wanted. I don't want to look back and think, I wish I'd spoken up in that situation, or gone about this in a a different way.

(this was a little extra but I wanted to get it off my chest)

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