The Importance of Friendship

The most important people in my life are my friends and my sister. I've been lucky enough to find people who I can trust to move through life with and grow up with. I get to celebrate their success with them, and laugh until my abs hurt. As I'm getting older I'm starting to realise how important it is to have support and for that I never take my friendships for granted or allow them to fade. If I find someone who I love, I'll work and make effot to see them and keep up with them. It's definitely a quality over quantity argument to me now.

Another big learning for me was that you don't have to be friends with everyone. When I was younger, I really cared what other people thought of me and the worst thing I could hear would be that someone didn't like me or didnt want to be my friend. Now, at this stage of life, things like that just aren't important to me. I'm much more concerned with being the best person I can be and continuing to grow and improve.

Finally, it's important to know when it's time to let go of a friendship. Just like romantic relationships end, friendships can too. People change, that's the whole purpose of life, you may have got on with someone ten years ago that you wouldn't be able to stand now - that's life. Sometimes I look back and reflect on the person that I was five years ago and thing "gosh I was annoying". When friendships end, give yourself time to mourn and be sad about it; after that move on.

Oresiri xx

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