A Day in the Life

Picture this, its Thursday the 16th March. I had to be up so I could get to Newcastle for a meeting for work. I was craving a coffee so I popped over to Nero's to grab a Mocha, hunger struck so I panic bought a sausage roll (God knows why I got a sausage roll at 7 am). On to the train I went and zipped along to Newcastle.

I was feeling extra confident in my favourite jumper and jeans so I went along to my meeting and asked lots of questions and learnt as much as possible. Teru "human sponge" Ikogho. My sister lives in Newcastle so after my meeting, we met up and had some pub grub.

Doesn't she look happy to see me.

I went for a double burger - as if I'm not running a 10K in two weeks. It was delightful but, I did have to give my sister half as it was simply too much grub for me. After that, I hopped on a train back home as revelled in what a successful day I had. It's definitely showed me that I can do good work AND socialise in the week.

Oresiri xx

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