I've been writing this blog for nearly 4 years now, I've definitely come a long way from putting the timer on my digital camera and running to get a good shot of my outfit. It's so funny to me (and cringe) looking back at some of the "outfits" that I thought was cute at the time. Going from Stylebysiri to what is now cocotulips.com has been a long journey but it's not over. As I'm getting older, I find so much value in reflecting, weather that be documenting experiences, talking about my university experience or how I've gotten to be completely confident in my own skin. Those are the posts that I love writing the most and that I myself go back to read over the most. I want to be writing more of that but to also combine it with more creative outfit posts. I'll be taking cocotulips.com in a new direction, hopefully, a more creative and engaging one. At the end of the day, I started writing Cocotulips so I could be creative, I just need to get back to that and take this space to the next level. I guess I'm being extra again but it's posts like these that I love the most. Where I can really let out what I'm feeling and work on things. 

Apart from that, life is swell. I've been seeing my friends so much and doing lots of fun stuff outside of work. I think I'm nailing the work-life balance now (getting there with budgeting). My next goal is the cook better food and exercises consistently. The 10K I'm doing is less than a month away and I'm worried that when that motivation is gone, I'll slip and not hit the gym anymore which would be a real shame. Anyways, I'm rambling now. Here's to new exciting and more creative content.

Wish me luck!!

Teru xx
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