So the whole Bikini Body Guide wasn't working for me. I've been having knee pain from completing week two and I've decided to stop the programme. If you have bad knees I wouldn't recommend it - there are simply too many lunges. What I will recommend is the arm and ab exercises though - I've already started to notice my arms are looking cut and the muscles are popping out. 

I finally bought myself some blue jeans! I feel like this combo is a classic. Blue jeans with a crisp white shirt - there's nothing quite like it. It looks effortlessly chic and polished and it can be styled for the hot weather by simply adding some Birkenstocks into the mix. I got these jeans from ASOS and they fit like a dream - they're somewhere in the middle of stretchy and solid denim but more on the inflexible side. You know when it keels like proper denim but with a little give - perfection. The shirt is also from ASOS and I like that it doesn't look too obvious when it's not been ironed, perfect for casual wear with some jeans but then you can iron it and wear it to work with some navy cigarette cut trousers. I always go for a navy bottom with a white shirt because in black I feel like a waiter.

Teru xx
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