What to Expect on Your First Time Skiing

What to Expect on Your First Time Skiing

I recently got back from my first ever ski trip to Bulgaria (I had a blast - skiing is so fun!). I went to the Borovets resort which is one of the more budget ski destinations. Before I went, I did a lot of googling and found lots of articles written by veteran skiers. I got some good tips but I really wanted to hear from a novice so here's what to expect from your first time skiing.

First, its a workout! Before I went, I was convinced that I was just going to be slipping down a hill boy was I wrong. I took my Apple Watch with me and I was burning around 800 active calories whilst out for the day!! Basically, when you're on your skis, loads of your muscles are engaged so there's really no rest until you take off (usually for a hot chocolate break). My top tip is to stretch when you're done for the day, so you wake up feeling chipper and ready to hop back on.

Second, don't layer up your socks! Ski boots are probably the MOST uncomfortable shoes in the world, layering up your socks only makes things worse. I just stuck to one pair of ski socks and had some painkiller after breakfast before I went out to help with the foot pain (I have collapsed arches so probably was in more pain than people with normal feet). You'll also get used to the boots as the days go by so stick with it.

Third, get yourself some lessons!! I had watched loads of how to ski videos on Youtube and was convinced I was going to be a pro as soon as I got out there and again, I was wrong. On the first day, I had a two-hour private lesson where a learnt how to do a snowplough and other little moves you need. I had 4 hours worth of lessons every other ay and got confident enough to go for a night ski one of my last days.

Forth, make sure you're prepared and have packed all the essentials. To help you all out, I've written up a packing list for your trip.

Ski Packing List (*Contains Affiliate links*):

Travel Insurance (print it out and get the contact numbers you need)
Pain Killers for aches
Plasters/blister pads - for the uncomfortable ski boots https://amzn.to/32E7dff
A Helmet (I rented at the resort)
Ski Poles (I rented at the resort)
Ski Boots (I rented at the resort)
Skis (I rented at the resort)
Ski Jacket - you want this to be warm and waterproof
Salopettes - again must be waterproof
Ski Goggles - it gets really bright around midday so definitely get some
Thermal Leggings x2 - preferable sweat-wicking 
Thermal Top x2 - preferable long-sleeved for extra toastiness 
Thermal Ski socks
Underwear - I took sports bras to ski in and t-shirt ones for Apres ski
Warm ski gloves and inner gloves - my gloves were rubbish and I really suffered
Neck warmer - they look like a snood and will keep your neck nice and toasty
Fleece - get one you can take off easily as you'll get warm throughout your day skiing-
Snow Boots - make sure they have a good grip as its super slippery
Warm socks

Teru xx
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