Summer Vibes

Exams are done !! Finally, I have finished my second year of university and can commit to 2 posts a week as I have time. It's actually really strange having free time and not going to the library for once. Anyways, it's June which means I will be 20 in 4 weeks and it's nearly cocotulip's second birthday. WOOOOO. I digress. I have an outfit post today, showcasing what summer looks like in Manchester

|||NAILS - Bourjoius |||


I'm not big on wearing hats. I tried the whole Kardashian floppy hat trend but it doesn't work when your head is the size of a small planet. I'm easing myself in starting with beanie hats. This one is from I sunk your battleship. They're a really cool brand that make authentic clothes based in the UK's naval heritage. Pretty cool eh. I like their logo a lot. It's a menswear brand but i'm going to buy a pocket t from them, I like how they put a different spin on things. Anyways, have a look at what they have here.
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