5 Things No One Tells You About Blogging

5 Things No One Tells You About Blogging

1. It's hard. Sometimes you don't feel like writing posts. Inspirations aren't something that will automatically come to you when you sit down to write. This is something I've been trying to deal with when blogging. What I've learnt is to write down any good ideas in a notebook so when I'm not feeling inspired I can go in there and work from one of my ideas

2. Social Media is your friend. It's not enough to just write great content. If you want your content to be seen you need to use social media. My blog has grown so fast since I started to use social media. There are so many lovely people who are doing the same thing as you that you can connect with and share advice.

3. The look of your blog is just as important as it's content. A reader wants to see something good. I personally love a clean minimal layout which allows your content to be the focal point. There are loads of free and premium blogger themes. I get mine from Pipdig.

4. You'll need to learn how to use a camera. You don't need to have a DSLR but a working understanding of light is important. I use a Cannon 600d with an 80mm lens. Using your own photos is the best way because it wakes your blog more personal but if ever you cant use your own then there are loads of free photos you can use. I get mine from Stokpic.

5. It's fun!! We all start blogs because we enjoy it. Don't take it too seriously. I see my blog as a place where I create content that I would love to look back on and know how I was feeling and see what point I was in my life. I see it as a virtual diary and it's such a great way to document life.

Teru xx
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