Hello 2015


2014 was an amazing year. I learnt a lot about my self and the people in my life. I am honestly so lucky to have so many great people in my life and I hope to maintain and build on my relationships
So much has happened and I've had some pretty interesting experiences. I went to America and saw the West Coast and met some of my best friends whilst doing it. I think I grew up a lot from travelling on my own.

I've fallen in love with blogging and I'm inspired to take cocotulips to the next level. What I love the most is the community and how nice everyone is. Even form other bloggers e-mailing me and starting up conversations has made me so much  more comfortable and confident
All that's left to say is that I hope 2015 is just as amazing as this year has been and my blog will always be very important to me. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me , I'm excited to see what the future holds

Oresiri xx
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