It's that funny time of year when the weather can't quite make it's mind up. The time of the "shall I take a coat" dilemma. I think I'll be rocking my coat for as long as possible - it adds some polish.

So the whole Bikini Body Guide wasn't working for me. I've been having knee pain from completing week two and I've decided to stop the programme. If you have bad knees I wouldn't recommend it - there are simply too many lunges. What I will recommend is the arm and ab exercises though - I've already started to notice my arms are looking cut and the muscles are popping out. 

I did it!! Week one is all ticked off and done. I can already feel subtle changes in myself. My arms are feeling more toned and I am now very aware of my triceps. I've done three workouts this week - leg day, arm and abs day and then a full body workout (the full breakdown is below).

Legs and cardio:
Circuit 1: Jump Squats, Squats, walking lunges, knee ups.

Circuit 2: Jumps, burpees, weighted step-ups, medicine ball squat and press.

Abs and Arms:
Circuit 1: Push ups, medicine ball squat and press, lay down push-ups, tricep dips. 

Circuit 2: Mountain climbers, ab bikes, sit up and twists, straight leg sit-ups. 

Full Body Workout:
Circuit 1: Medicine ball squat and press, knee ups, ab bikes, walking lunges

Circuit 2: Burpees, straight leg sit-ups, weighted step ups, push ups. 

So.... I'm starting a new fitness programme. I've been trying the freestyle gym thing and it's just not working for me. I like to work to a goal, and for that reason I'm starting the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. If you haven't heard of Kayla, she's a personal trainer for Australia who's managed to build up this insane cult following for her workout programme. She's put together some easy to follow workouts in an e-book as well as nutrition guides which teach you how to eat a balanced diet. 

The workouts are tough!! You do 4 circuits for 7 minutes each for a total of 28 Minutes and there are 3 workouts per week. I know 28 minutes doesn't seem like a long time but it really tires you out. Aside from that, you do three workouts by yourself, which are low intensity to begin with, moving on to HIIT in the last weeks. The progress pictures on Kayla's Instagram are pretty impressive too - you can really see how much strength these ladies have built up!

I've done workout one from week one so far and boy can I feel it in my legs. I think it will be good to track my progress on here, similarly to how I wrote about the couch to 5K programme I did some time ago. Let me know if you've heard of it or if you want to start, we can all be in this together.

Oresiri xx
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