Nivea Daily Essential Skincare | Product Rave

I've got a confession , I'm VERY lazy with my skincare. I have to make a conscious effort to follow my skin regime every night. BUT the Nivea daily essentials products have make it so much easier and I've noticed an improvement. I don't get half as oily as I used to throughout the day. I think that's down to the 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner- it actually feels like my skin is clean after use BUT it isn't drying RESULT !!
 Also because I have such sensitive skin I find the gentle cream wash perfect. It's almost as good as my simple face wash. I would still recommend the simple face wash but I believe these two complement each other perfectly and they're quite a cheap alternative to more high end skin care and you get double the product. Need I say more. 

Anyways I'm getting way to excited about these products in this post 
Lots of love,

Oresiriteru xx
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