Elf Powder Brush Review

I cannot stand using foundation brushes. I cannot be alone in this they take far too long and I do not have the time to waste dabbing my foundation onto my face and then trying to lend it in with what feels like three brush hairs. If you agree with me then you have to try the elf powder brush which I don't actually use for powder.
The brush is so dense that it buffs in and applies the foundation at the same time and gives a flawless finish every time. Admitted it does work far better when it's freshly washed - it feels softer and gives a more dewy finish. I have a few so I can switch them up every few days so I'm always with my favourite brush. AND they are less that 4 pounds each which is crazy considering some rubishy foundation brushes cost far more than that CRAZY

Oresiriteru xx
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