Updated Skincare Routine

We all know how lazy I am with skincare and I'm very skeptical of most products. I just don't think they tend to work BUT everything has changed.
Ever since my mum came back from Sainsbury's with these gems my skin rejoiced and was saved as my mum had found the holy grail of skincare (no exaggeration). I will give you all a quick breakdown of each product in turn and explain why and how I use them:

Soothing Gel-Cream Wash : I wash my face with this first thing in the morning when I take my shower and last thing as the first stage of make-up removal. If I've had a no makeup day I only use this in the morning. Now my skin is the most sensitive and dry skin to have ever existed and I mean if I didn't moisturise for 2 days I'd look fresh out of the dessert, because of this I only use super moisturising product because I cannot afford to dry my skin out.
Purifying Micellar Solution: I use this after I've washed my skin with a cotton pad, to me it's a gently makeup remover that takes off my foundation easily but most of it is already off from washing my face. I love this product because again it's gentle on my sensitive skin
Cleansing and Purifying Milk: I apply this all over my face with my fingers, let it soak into my skin and then remove with a cotton pad or two. It's after this stage that m skin feels amazing and super clean. Because it's a sort of cream consistency it moisturises as well as removing impurities
Tripple Action Day Cream: This is the last step in my morning and my night time routine. When I first smelt this cream I thought it would irritate my skin because it does have a sent but this was not the case at all. In fact I think this moisturiser beats the simple one that I used to use

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