How to Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

I get really sad when I'm living in a horrible environment, student houses are grotty by definitions. I have however managed to jazz up my room and make it cozy. I'm quite proud of what I accomplished with my VERY limited budget. I think it looks quite nice now though.

||| Bedding PRIMARK | Wall Hanging x 4 : Paperchase |||
To make my wall decoration I literally bought 4 pieces of decorated paper from Paperchase and stuck them to my wall using Washi Tape. I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I can't find a link though. The paper only cost me £2.50 per section and it's made a world of difference to the feel of my room.

I know this is such a typical "girl at university" decoration. Sometimes it's okay to be a little basic. It's nice to see your friends grinning faces in your room, I like it and it looks nice on my wall. I literally bought some twine and blu tacked the string on my wall, I hung the pictures on the string with paper clips, it's just something a bit different I guess.

I'm in love with this mirror !! It's full length and it has a clothes rail and hooks on the back of it !! I had to slip in a selfie :)


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