I'm back form a fun filled four days spent with my sister and one of my closest friends. We laughed, we sang and just enjoyed ourselves. I will never stop thanking my lucky stars for the people in my life. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

So, I've been thinking about goals at work recently, putting together my objectives for this year so my manager and I have clear sight of what I need to deliver and how I'm to deliver it. It's got me thinking about goals for myself - a list of "life objectives" of sorts. I've been reflecting a lot on how, after graduating from university, there's not a clear path of milestone anymore. I'm definitely someone that does well at working towards targets - but I'm coming to terms with being completely independent for the first time is my life. It's a scary and exciting thought, finally marching to the beat of my own drum - but what do I want that beat to be? What do I want to work on?

My first "life objective" is to treat my body better. I'm definitely becoming more confident and comfortable with myself and the way I look but I've not been looking after the way I feel and the way I fuel it. My diet it terrible- I go form extreme to extreme. I'll either be eating chicken and veggies or pure junk (when Ben and Jerry's is on offer I'm there). I always feel so light on my feet and in high spirits when I eat right, I'm going to try and organise my meal prep a bit better from now on.

Fitness - This is another part of my life that I go hot and cold on. When I was training up to do a mud run (did I mention we raised over 600 pounds for Shelter!) I was really motivated to go the the gym and get my workouts in. Again, when I first decided to get fit enough to run 5K, working out just seemed to fit in seamlessly. I think to key will be planning out workouts and working up to a fitness goal. Maybe I'll do the 30 day squat challenge.

Work Life Balance - I've been doing too much in my weekends and my bank account is not happy with me. I've been trying so hard to make sure that I have a good work life balance that I've overdone it a little I think. I know I'm still young but there's a little voice telling me to slow it down a little. I've got a few big things coming up this year: festivals, a girls holiday so mellowing out and having some chilled out weekends in the run up to that can't hurt.

That's all for now - I'm going to focus on these areas for a while and see where I'm at in September.

Wish me luck !

Oresiri xx

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